Safe & Healthy Buildings

Safe & Healthy Buildings

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CAG AMned BV is a nationwide Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) consultancy. We have been devoting our attention to building-safety for over 20 years, with a focus on Legionella prevention, (indoor) air quality, OHS inspections and energy performance advice (EPA). Every day, more than 60 professionals ensure that building owners, managers and users comply with laws and regulations and are able to live and work sustainably in healthy and safe buildings.

We achieve these goals in partnership with our clients. We do this by monitoring the indoor climate, measuring air and water quality (Legionella, fine particulates and moulds), testing and certifying indoor installations and inspecting living and working areas and managing and updating energy labels.

Our clients include Shell, Philips, Delta Lloyd, CommerzReal, Internos, Ymere, Vestia, Havensteder, Rochdale, Erasmus MC, the Maasstad hospital and Eneco, plus government bodies such as the Government Real Estate Company, COA, the national police force, the municipalities of Amsterdam and The Hague and educational institutions such as Wageningen University and the University of Tilburg. In addition to organisations overseeing government, commercial & healthcare real estate, we also work for many property managers, installation companies and facilities services organisations. Call or email us for more information on 088-8001500 or